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oh, you humor me today

Tags: c/a, er, gilmores, icons, newsradio, spyglass_, x-files
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took 3 and 5. i really like these, nice job!
took 9 & 16! man, quote icons are awesome.

Deleted comment

You guys never cease to amaze me.

Or rather, amuse me. :P

And I'll definitely be taking a bunch of these.
snagged 2 and 6 of GG. :)
I forget the context for so many of the ER quotes, and it makes me sad. :(
Oh, man. I'm grabbing probably all of the ER ones and all of the NewsRadio ones, because I was having trouble restraining my giggles in the university computer lab when I first saw these this morning. So awesome. I'll credit when I use. :D
WOW. ER and x-files? i think it's christmas. took a mix of both, awesome work.
Dude, I'd tell you which ones I'm going to take.. But I don't want to comment spam.. Needless to say.. If I hadn't already uploaded all 100 of my pictures I'm sure I'd have all of these (Minus the gilmore girls ones.. don't watch that.. and am clueless *wooks*) as my icons..
One day, you can come hang out with me and watch the first four seasons of Gilmore Girls on DVD. Unfortunately, everything after that kind of lacks :p There are good moments and bad ones, and there are WAY more bad than good right now. IMO, at least. ;P


11 years ago


11 years ago


11 years ago

Taking XF #2. I need something to use when I have to go home to Texas for visits.
How much do I love you? Very. I'm not sure which one's I'm snagging yet. I think I'll have to sleep on it and get back to you.
yay! definitely snagging many! :) YOU ROCK!
I grabbed XF 4, 5, 6 and 9. Thanks!
what is 'special tramp dana scully' from? i know x files but which ep? cause i think i totally missed that...
It's from Dreamland II in the sixth season :)
Oh, these are great! I took 18 and 19 (X-Files quotes).
Took XF 19. ahhh, classic quotes.

Love the ER quotes, especially the Weaver ones. I can't stand her!
X-Files: 2, 5, 17, 18, 19! Whee, these're great! I'll credit if I use any of them! Thanks!
snagging #3 of GG. nomming #5 of GG @ gg_awards
Great icons, snagged some newsradio ones, will credit, nice work! :D
Oh wow, wayy too many to choose from-- especially for someone as indecisive as me. But when they're taken, you shall be credited :D
-does happy dance- ER, Newsradio and X-Files quotes! -dances some more- I took a whole bunch and will credit when I use :D You rock my socks! Almost enough persusasion to renew my paid account :D heh
here's another Newsradio one you should do: "If the small man is so wise then why is he so small?" :D
Love the X-files ones!!
Taking #14 of the X Files quotes! Have credited. :D
Took a few of them. Thank you.
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