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intro post, and some other stuff.

starfishmedley: At least we're sad AND awesome
spyglass_: Yes, but you can't be popular AND smart
starfishmedley: Well, I have a crush on EVERY BOY
spyglass_: Yeah? SO? I met a possum!
starfishmedley: Well I made up Brett Bretterson in first grade!
spyglass_: That's nothing. My friend and some presidents just flew by.

Be excited. Be very excited. Zala has a strange penchant for FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who are you and why is this place here?

We are Kessa and Zala/Ella. We spend a good portion of our lives being elitist fandom bitches, and we quite enjoy it. We tend to work on multiple projects at various points of incompletion, so we thought it'd be kind of nice to have someplace to stick them and show them off to the world when if we ever finish them.

2. Elitist fandom bitches? Huh?

Well, you know, we don't tend to get along with the general population of fangirls. We just have some essential differences ... you know, spiritually, ecumenically, grammatically. So interacting with them can be bad for our mental health, and we tend to avoid it at all costs. Sorta.

3. Really? So what died and left you girls the queens of the universes?

Luby. It's dead. Like, blue dead.

4. Pulse ox is 65?

That's because it's dead, dammit.

5. That's ... nice. So what am I going to find here?

Whatever your little heart desires. Fanfiction, fanart, photography, random hilarity. Boredom on a free reign. Most of it will be relating to our first and foremost OTP (Carter/Abby of ER), although you might find some threads of Mulder/Scully (X-Files), Harry/Hermione (Harry Potter), Lyra/Will (His Dark Materials), and Veronica/Logan (Veronica Mars). We tend to share all of our fandoms ... and our brain. So anything that one manages to get involved with generally sucks the other in pretty quickly.

6. Can I suggest a fandom that you might not already be interested in?

Knock yourself out. If we ignore you, don't suggest it again. We generally like a thinking person's fandom, since we quite enjoy being fandom elitists. (You catching the theme here? It ought to be pretty obvious :p)

7. Can we take any of your stuff?

Let us know what you're using, and give us credit. Thinking we're awesome is quite flattering (and you should think we're awesome; we are!), but taking our stuff without telling us is not appreciated. We'll chase after you with sperm whale sperm. And stuff.

8. Can I talk about my dental health?

There will be no discussion of your root canals. Have I made myself clear?

9. You people are scary. Why?

Because we can be. If you want a better reason, you might be waiting for awhile.

Contact ->

If you'd like to be affiliates (for whatever insane reason), this would also be the place to let us know :)
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